construction workers standing together and speaking about a project, demonstrating digital solutions in construction

Looking at the construction industry as a whole, there appears to be a trend as we move into the digital age. Construction companies rarely have a dedicated marketing department or IT development and strategy team on board. Due to this lack of support, many companies may feel like they are falling behind in terms of digital transformation and implementing digital solutions in construction.

The construction industry is usually the first to pioneer in a new generation of innovation and growth, but now, in the digital age of the consumer there is some indication that it is starting to trail other industries.

In a pandemic world, having a digital strategy and continually producing content to bring value and trust to your brand is crucial to the success of your company. Businesses can no longer “skate by” through local word-of-mouth referrals and operating without a website.

Did you know that localized searches including “near me” or “close by” have increased by over 900% in the last two years?

Investing in local SEO and digital solutions in construction can change the scope of your business now and in the future. Get ahead of the competition. We are in the age of digital transformation in construction. You don’t want to fall behind because your business wasn’t ready to transition into the digital realm.

Here are some ways that you can improve your digital marketing strategy in the construction industry:

Portfolio Website to Showcase Your Work 

These days, people research companies online before reaching out, and they want to be able to do a deep dive on your business before spending money. When you can showcase your work in an online digital portfolio, you are more likely to get contacts that already want to work with you.

In construction, the design is often an important part of the process. If you can showcase your ability to think outside of the box when it comes to design and functionality, you can impress future clients immediately.

UX and focus on the customer journey is an integral element of successful website design and marketing. 74% of people are more likely to return to a website if it is optimized for mobile. Consumers expect a lot from brands in this digital age, they want to be able to see a design portfolio, previous client reviews, and an easy-to-fill-out contact form.

If these are elements you may be lacking from your website and digital strategy in construction, perhaps it’s time to revamp your plan.

Do you have a website that is already built to your satisfaction, but need someone to maintain your cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is a major threat to small and larger businesses, and can create huge internal issues if there is ever a breach.

View our Vervology.Care Plans to see how we can help you keep your online business and sensitive client information secure.

Keywords Optimized for Local Searches

As we previously mentioned, localized SEO has seen major growth in the last 5 years. Most people will seek out a business that is within 5 miles of their home or office.

Let’s look at this scenario: you have a beautifully designed website with focus on customer usability and helps you generate leads and organic content that sees major traffic. However, all of your leads are not in your area.

When developing a digital strategy in construction, it’s important to note that your goal is to generate new leads in your area or nearby. After all, what is a successful marketing strategy without turning organic traffic into leads that will turn into paid jobs. That’s the goal right? It’s important to always consider your ultimate goal when developing your marketing plan.

Localizing your SEO is crucial to helping people in your area find you. After all, you want to reach that first page in Google to the people who matter.

Content Marketing to Generate New Leads

Content marketing is a key factor in increasing brand trust and loyalty from your customers. When you provide valuable information and knowledge to your audience, you are able to connect with them and make them feel more comfortable trusting your brand.

Identifying your audience is an important part of this process. When you know your customers, you are able to provide them with valuable knowledge and insight.

Think of yourself as the “friendly neighborhood expert” who is able to share your industry expertise on a variety of questions that your customers are asking. When you are able to pinpoint your customers’ needs and provide them with a solution (before they even spend a dollar with your company), you are showing that you stand above the competition and have the ability to exceed their expectations.

When you receive traffic from organic sources such as Google or other social media sites, this is called organic traffic. And organic traffic is one of the most likely avenues of traffic that will turn into paid leads. Don’t dismiss a content marketing strategy as a key player to your overall digital strategy in construction – this is one of the most valuable ways to gain brand trust and generate new leads that will turn into paid business!

Other Digital Solutions in Construction

There are several other ways to use digital solutions in construction to save you time and money in your office, such as introducing an online chat portal to answer common questions your customers may have. This gives your clientele an extra level of prompt customer service that they will appreciate. This also frees up your office staff for more important and less mundane tasks.

Also, online appointment scheduling for the first consultation can save you hours of meeting with people who are unsure that they want to book you for your services. Including this information on your website and giving your potential customers a digital walkthrough of your services can help weed out those who aren’t sure they want to hire you.

At Vervology, we are here to help you take your construction business to the next level with digital solutions. The construction industry has always been a leader in innovation, so why should you let your business fall behind in this digital age?

We are experts in designing and implementing digital solutions in small businesses. We curate our strategies specifically to your clientele and the size of your business. We can help you figure out all of the strategies you need, while removing the ones you don’t. Make your marketing dollars stretch farther than ever before with Vervology.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to see how we can provide digital solutions to build a new future together.