terminology search engine optimization 1

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ensuring your content remains timely and relevant; a regular posting schedule; finding yourself on page one of Google; making it easier for individuals to stumble upon your content.

terminology domain name system 2

Domain Name System (DNS)

Converting domain names — how people identify websites — into IP Addresses, which computers use to identify websites.

terminology verv 2


The spark; enthusiasm or vigor, as in literary or artistic work; spirit; vivaciousness; liveliness; the creativity and expression.

terminology support 1


Aid whenever it is needed; the understanding that we are here to shoulder the burden alongside you; clear answers and transparent messaging; a commitment to high-quality customer service.

terminology partnership 1


Long-term assistance; answers to any questions today, as well as years into the future; a promise to commitment well beyond the completion of the first project; mutual trust and respect.

terminology spiders 1


Hands-on learning; creative problem solving; more than another internship; an opportunity to work with a team that embraces excellence and creativity, as well as having fun and cooperative, experiential learning.

terminology powered by vervology 1

Powered by Vervology

The highest quality service; ethical business and technological practices; assistance in any way possible; best content and social media marketing guidance available; assistance from your local partner.

terminology organic digital marketing 1

Organic Digital Marketing

Natural and authentic efforts used to increase awareness and add value to potential customers; efforts built brand recognition and loyalty over time; reliance upon real-time content; reactionary posts; sales trends.

terminology creative services 1

Creative Services

Creativity expressed; impactful design; animation; imagery; code and functionality; focusing on the user experience and the positive outcomes to meet your online goals.