a person sitting at a laptop with headphones on, showing pain points for health and wellness small businesses

The health and wellness industry is already a difficult one, and now, the rise of technology creates new challenges for health and wellness small businesses. We call these “pain points,” and the expert team at Vervology can help you reduce their likelihood and stress caused by these unnecessary additional challenges.

In the new technological age, it’s imperative that businesses of all industries follow suit, and the healthcare and wellness industry is no different. Every business now needs to tackle their digital marketing strategy head-on by utilizing professional teams who know what they are doing. By not addressing these pain points facing health and wellness small businesses and offices, you are missing out on new client leads and better customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction with remote and digital healthcare systems is at an all-time high, with many people seeking out new digital ways to see their doctors and fill out patient information. 71% of people said they would rather fill out their medical information with online forms than through traditional pen and paper methods.

Here are the 6 Pain Points Facing Health and Wellness Small Businesses Online:

1. Cybersecurity Threats

Your patient’s health data is extremely sensitive. It’s important that with the rise of telecom and digital healthcare that we are keeping this sensitive data information secured. With just one hour of their time, hackers can download your patient’s information and ruin your practice forever.

Luckily, Vervology.Care Plans can help! We have several different cyber security and maintenance options to keep your website secure and your systems up-to-date. This gives both you and your patients peace of mind, as cybersecurity is an increasing threat to all industries, not just healthcare.

As businesses were pushed online through the COVID-19 pandemic, many didn’t realize that cybersecurity must be addressed, and lost valuable time and money recuperating after a hack.

2. Missed Appointments and No-Shows

With automated appointment reminders and online scheduling, you can free up your office staff from doing repetitive and tedious tasks. Setting up automations in your office and optimizing your website for patient usability can open up your staff for generating new patient leads and creating marketing opportunities for your small business.

Missed appointments and no-shows are a huge pain point for small businesses. That’s valuable money that you could be rescheduling! Text confirmations and reminders are the way to go when it comes to reducing these issues in your health or wellness office.

Here at Vervology, we can optimize your website for usability and to make it easy to schedule appointments online without having to take a call every time someone needs to edit their appointment.

3. Online Portals

Having an online portal where your patients can access their patient records, updated information from the offices, prescription information, and more, is a major way to increase customer satisfaction.

These online portals make your clients feel like they are in charge of their own medical health and can access their information at any time from the ease of their mobile device. Utilizing this kind of digital patient care is the way of the future and soon, everyone will expect offices to have some kind of online check-in process in place.

4. Getting New Patient Leads

If you are a small business in the health and wellness field, you’ll need to garner new customer leads through digital marketing initiatives. Billboards and newspaper ads are out – localized SEO and content marketing are in!

Having local SEO to geotag your potential new patients when they search for “your service + near me” can help you consistently gain new leads.

Content marketing is also important for giving your patients extra loyalty, trust, and familiarity with your business. These days, people want to spend their money and time with brands they trust, and this is especially true for health and wellness small businesses.

5. Telehealth

Providing options to your patients is crucial to giving them the care they need. Many people don’t want to leave their homes unless it is absolutely necessary when they aren’t feeling well.

There are lots of different ways to make telehealth work for your small business in the health and wellness industry. Some holistic practices can be administered online by providing more education for your patients.

Some health offices provide online health consulting plans in which the patient can utilize online face-to-face calling to ask questions without having to come into the office. 

At Vervology, we can help you get creative with your digital strategies to improve your customer satisfaction and options.

6. Billing

Billing and proper patient invoicing is still a major pain point in the health and wellness industry. Between insurance companies, billing patients directly, and keeping invoices straight, this can become a major headache if there is not a solution in place. It’s a wonder offices spent so much time in the past on billing tasks that can now be automatically completed.

Luckily, there are now several programs that handle invoicing and billing for health and wellness offices to make this once difficult task a breeze. Minimize billing mistakes and maximize your finances with automation.

We Take Health and Wellness Small Businesses to the Future

We understand that digitizing your office can feel like a daunting task, especially if you’ve been doing it one way for a while. What’s important to remember is it’s all about making your customers happy, and in order to do that, you must keep your offices full of innovation and gliding toward the future.

At Vervology, we specialize in creating digital marketing strategies to help you get new clients and reduce the amount of time your staff spends on tedious tasks. We specialize in cyber security, website design, local SEO, content marketing, and more! Contact us here to get started today!