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vervology.337 protocol: strategy

The seven key components of Vervology’s marketing strategy for small businesses.

Vervology’s strategy utilizes all of the seven components listed below, which have been specifically tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. Each strategy varies in the application of the seven components, creating unique opportunities with great potential for success.


a strategy that evolves

With a specialization in digital marketing strategies for small businesses, long-lasting partnerships and mutual trust are interwoven into everything we do – including our strategies. With seven core components designed to drive-success, the Vervology team has mastered the art of piecing each of the components together to create a personalized strategy meeting specific needs and desires.

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1) build a WOW website 

A business’s website is often the first impression that audiences will have of that business, making it extremely important to ensure that it captures the business’s culture, promotes brand awareness, builds trust, and guides the customer with ease. 


2) content, your story 

Potential customers are attracted and engaged by proof that a business is capable of doing what they say they are. A business telling the story of their own transformation journey is the best way to show their audiences that they know how to grow to success and can do the same for them.


3) local SEO – putting you on the map 

Many small businesses have great products with great services but can’t gain visibility because of competitors that are coming up in search engine results before them. This causes their potential customers to take their business elsewhere. LocalSEO works by researching keywords that their target audiences are searching, using those words in their content, helping their business to rank higher in the search engines, and increasing visibility.

reputation management

4) review management

Review management is consistently monitoring how a business’s brand is being perceived by audiences. Continuously showing social proof on different platforms is a great way to strengthen and maintain a brand’s reputation, making it easier for audiences to trust and advocate for the brand.

content marketing

5) content marketing 

It’s important for businesses to attract, engage, and retain their audiences. Content marketing keeps businesses at the top of the mind of their customers with valuable information, while also establishing expertise.

social media

6) community engagement 

People like to work with and buy from humans that care, rather than businesses that are only interested in a transaction. Social media engagement is a great way to show the human side of a business, engaging with their customers, and showing them that their opinions are heard and valued.


7) digital transformation

The digital transformation of a business is a combination and utilization of all the above aspects. The transformation consists of driving changes in its current strategies in order to deliver the best value to customers while growing the business and its revenue. 

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