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There is no doubt that it’s important for a target audience to interact with your content online, and even more so for them to form an emotional connection with it. A big question, though, is how.

First, how do you get audiences to care about your content? And second, how do you get them to engage? A survey by Customer Thermometer found that 65% of consumers in the U.S. said that they have felt an emotional connection to a brand. Creating an emotional connection to an audience through content enhances a sense of loyalty and trust, making them more likely to come back and recommend that brand to their friends.

So, how do you create an emotional connection with your audience? There are three possible ways to achieve this goal:

Data Analysis

By researching consumer values and examining your target audience’s behaviors (such as buying habits), it is possible to craft a message that will most deeply resonate with that audience. This is known as behavioral data.

For example, if you find that people in your target audience tend to value a sense of family and belonging, create a social media campaign highlighting your family atmosphere with appropriate images. If customers are drawn to a particular product or service you offer, share the story behind it. In this way, you can create customized content that patrons are more likely to respond to and care about because you are highlighting and contextualizing the things they already care about.

Highlighting Community

A study by Fundera found that 89% of customers are willing to stay with brands and businesses that they share values with. And what’s a great way to show your values? By giving back to the community. Something as simple as buying from and supporting local businesses in the area or putting a collection jar on the counter can show customers where your priorities are. Share links and highlight those local businesses on your social media platforms.

89% of customers are willing to stay with brands and businesses that they share values with.

Let people know that you’re partnering with a charity and collecting donations at your store or website. Even simple things, like offering and publicizing discounts for key groups, can show your business’s true colors and help customers connect with you.

However you decide to give back, be sure to be open and honest with your customers. They will appreciate the transparency, and it will build loyalty.

Adding Value

Do you have small pieces of advice to share with your audience on social media? Maybe they can learn from your experience. If you can find unique ways to inspire customers online, they will remember and feel more connected to your brand. Humanizing your business and the people behind it is the perfect way to let your audience get to know you and, by extension, care about what it is you do.

The best way to create emotional connections with your patrons through your online content is by getting to know them. What kind of content do they want to see? What is important to them? Highlighting common values between you and your audience will help foster these relationships and leave positive impressions.