the 7 components that make up the vervology 377 protocol's strategy.

The Vervology 377 Protocol defines the comprehensive customer value journey, and the experience clients can expect when they partner with Vervology. The protocol is not only a complete breakdown of Vervology as a brand but also Vervology’s commitment to client success.

The Vervology 377 Protocol

The 377 Protocol defines what clients can expect from Vervology as a brand and as their digital solutions service partner, divided into three core components: Philosophy, Strategy, and Methodology.

Human-Centric Philosophy

Vervology’s philosophy has three core components: 

  • A team with great culture,
  • offering great product,
  • delivering great service.

When these three components are combined, it forms the ‘3’ in the 377 Protocol.

Vervology prioritizes human-centric relationships above all else. With a defined human-centric philosophy, clients can feel secure knowing that Vervology commits to long-lasting, trust-based partnerships dedicated to their success. Our business is built on relationships, not transactions.

Personalized Strategy

Vervology caters specifically to small businesses and the strategy within the Vervology 377 Protocol is no different. With an approach personalized to each client’s business, the seven components of the overarching 377 Protocol’s strategy are tailored to meet client needs, bring value, and provide a platform for them to thrive online. 

The seven components include: 

  1. WOW website: building your platform for success.
  2. Content Creation: telling your story.
  3. LocalSEO: putting you on the map.
  4. Review Management: controlling your brand image.
  5. Content Marketing: generating organic brand awareness.
  6. Social Media Engagement: engaging your audience.
  7. Digital Transformation: transforming the machine.

These seven components are applied as needed to produce a customized strategy that works best for the individual business instead of being templated across the board.

Proven Methodology

Methodology: Putting the strategy into practice with proven methods to take customers through the sales journey. Starting from the foundation of a WOW website, Vervology builds a digital platform developed to ensure that each user who visits the website has a WOW experience. 

The seven components of the Vervology 377 Protocol’s methodology exist to take the customer through the entire customer value journey. This journey starts with awareness, leads to engagement, subscription, conversion, excitement, and ascension, and then they become either promoters or advocates. Each step in the journey uses different elements of the 377 Protocol’s strategy.

The Impact of the Vervology 377 Protocol.

Protocols exist to ensure that there is a relevant set of procedures in place for use if a previously identified circumstance occurs. The 377 Protocol has a similar function. 

Designed and developed by the Vervology team, the 377 Protocol identifies everything a client needs to know about the brand before investing in a partnership. By outlining the company values, product and service offerings, and the complete process, expectations are set and understood by every potential partner.

The 377 Protocol holds Vervology accountable for its commitments. In addition, it allows those interested in starting a partnership with Vervology to understand better who they will be working with and what goals they can accomplish.

Benefits of adopting the Vervology 377 Protocol.

When choosing a new supplier, businesses weigh the pros and cons of each potential business, ultimately determining the partner who will best meet their needs. By creating the 377 protocol, small business owners are more informed about what a potential partnership with Vervology would look like enabling them to make the right decision for their business. 

The protocol has a variety of benefits designed to add value to a client’s business, including:

  • Sets expectations for the client’s relationship with Vervology.
  • It reframes the entire process as a worthwhile long-term business investment.
  • It defines Vervology’s commitment to client long-term success.
  • Provides a dynamic strategy that matches the client’s needs.
  • Guides clients through the entire digital journey.
  • Transforms the way users engage with a client’s brand.
  • Alters the perception of product or service offerings to the transformations they offer – focusing on the human, the customer.
  • It uses the best industry tools and platforms to provide an immersive experience.

A core objective of the Vervology 377 Protocol is to provide immense value to those investing in their digital transformation. It enables clients to realize the full capabilities of their digital platforms.  

The Vervology Difference

What makes this protocol different from any other? Simple, Vervology adds ‘verv‘ to your business.

At the very center of Vervology’s philosophy, strategy, and methodology – defined within the 377 Protocol – is Vervology’s heart. This heart, or core, comprises all the people involved in Vervology, from clients to partners to Vervology’s dedicated team; these people have played a key role in helping the heart to beat.

Vervology is more than a brand and business. It is whatever it needs to be to ensure that the heart keeps beating – because as long as the heart is beating, Vervology will continue to bleed success, helping others succeed. 

Your Partner for Success

Vervology is your partner for success! The Vervology 377 Protocol is Vervology’s commitment to your success, utilizing the team’s diverse expertise and proven methods to help small businesses thrive in the digital landscape. 

If you would like to discover more about Vervology and our 377 Protocol, book a meeting with Dave.