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building a WOW website

A professional website is one of the essential components in building a good reputation for a small business; it is the heart of an organization. It’s the digital representation of a company’s brand – people, culture, and mission.

A professional-looking website is necessary to express your brand, connect with your ideal customer, and compete with other brands. Simply having a basic website will not set your business apart in this digital age.

What is a WOW website? 

A WOW website is an investment that businesses must make if they hope to succeed online. 

So, how do you set your business apart? With Vervology’s 377 Protocol, it’s easy to understand what a truly WOW website is and how Vervology makes and uses each component to lay the foundation for client success.

For a website to be considered a WOW website, it must:

  1. Capture the business’s culture.
  2. Promote brand awareness.
  3. Build brand trust and loyalty.
  4. Guide the customer before, during, and after the sales conversation.

A website is usually the first opportunity for potential customers to interact with your company or brand. Websites without a clear structure and a specific call-to-action will confuse visitors, and confused visitors don’t make purchases. Still, 70% of small business websites don’t have a call-to-action on their homepage, and visitors will generally form a negative impression of that company. They will think that the company could be challenging to work with or that the company doesn’t put their customers’ needs first. Because of this, at least 38% of users click off a website within the first few seconds, and 88% of those users won’t return. This action alone will negatively impact the website’s score across search engines, ultimately reducing traffic.

user experience

With an engaging website that clearly conveys the transformation your company is offering, customers are likely to spend more time on the website, increasing engagement – a “WOW website” equals a “WOW experience.” 

capturing your business’s culture 

Your website is the most effective marketing platform, especially since websites are available to the global population – 24/7. It is crucial to ensure your website shows off your brand story and message.

brand voice

A brand’s voice, language, and tone, are how 25% of audiences set them apart from their competitors. A brand’s voice can also make a huge difference in how audiences think of the brand since the choice of wording and tone says a lot about the company’s values and identity. Your brand voice and tone aren’t only important on your website; it’s essential to be consistent across all digital platforms.


People like to partner with or make purchases from real people (humans). Still, it can be difficult online – 86% of customers prefer a ‘real’ brand. A genuine story or narrative on your website giving an insight into your company and team is vital in connecting with the audience. Pictures or profiles of employees and ‘about us’ pages are great ways to humanize the company and build trust with the customer.


Having amazing products and services, it’s a whole different playing field when a business has client testimonials and reviews to back them up. It can be scary to take a risk to work with a company when there aren’t third parties to speak on the company’s service. Social proof like testimonials and reviews are the perfect way to prove that the company provides superior performance, quality, product, and results.

Vervology is no exception to this rule, so click here to see some of Vervology’s recent testimonials to help to understand the role they play in the success of our clients.

promote awareness 

In today’s world, awareness of a business is thought to happen mainly through social media platforms. Though you shouldn’t overlook social media when promoting and building awareness for the brand, your number one marketing platform is your website.

SEO keyword strategy

Finding relevant keywords that are search engine optimized for a brand involves deep research and tracking. Still, target audiences must be able to find the company easily through search; keywords need to be incorporated throughout the content to increase SEO performance.


Businesses that incorporate blogs into their website get 55% more traffic than those without one. Making it the perfect way for the website to stay relevant, rank highly in searches, and build trust with customers. Posting content consistently gives the audience a reason to return to the website regularly – new content adds value. Doing this over time increases trust, which 83% of customers say is necessary when making a purchase.  

sales conversation 

A WOW website should communicate and guide customers through and after the sales conversation. Making sure your website helps audiences with how to proceed is necessary to show that you won’t abandon them when the sales process has finished.

let professionals do what they do best 

As a business owner, you may want to try to build a WOW website yourself. However, we believe that your focus is best used on running your business and not on the details of how to publish a blog post.

If you would like Vervology to develop a WOW website built for success, please get in touch: vervology®