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The dreaded social media rut: it happens to all of us at one point or another. Despite it being an incredibly useful marketing tool, one of the pitfalls of social media is that it is incredibly reliant on in-the-moment content. Your post may gain a lot of traction one day, but what about the next? It’s demanding and tiring, and it is completely understandable if you feel like you’re hitting a wall with your social media strategy.

That’s the main idea of today’s post: what to do if you’re suffering from social media writer’s block. You’re a busy small business person who doesn’t have time to agonize over your daily Twitter post, and that’s valid. So, here are a few of our best ideas for what to post on social media when you feel like you have nothing left to say.

Thought-Provoking Posts

This type of post is great for getting your customers thinking. Ask (rhetorical) questions, give insightful answers, and prove to your audience that your product or service will help change their lives for the better.

This is one of Vervology’s favorite types of posts. It gets people considering what it is your company actually does and how it can help them. And if it can help customers reach that “ah-ha” moment to do business with you, all the better.

Examples of Thought-Provoking Posts

  1. Questions about how your target audience currently does things
  2. Asking if they have ever considered an alternate path (one that your services can help them achieve)
  3. Sharing a seldom-considered way of doing something
  4. Displaying alternative uses for certain products

Company News

Chances are there are new developments within your business every day. Whether it be a new product line, unveiling a partnership, or even a fresh layout of your store’s floor, never underestimate the newsworthiness of any company happening.

This works because customers feel like they are getting an inside look into how your business works. They feel more connected because you took the time to share a small (or large) tidbit of information with them.

You can even take these sorts of posts to the next level by asking customers’ opinions on some things through polls. Although it’s probably best to leave these sorts of questions to the less impactful decisions, it will still make customers feel heard and like they have a voice in how you do business.

Examples of Company News

  1. Sales and discounts
  2. New employees joining the team
  3. A co-marketing partnership that your company is now starting
  4. New or seasonal decorations within your store or office

User-Generated Posts

User-generated content can be music to any social media manager’s ears. If you have a passionate audience-base that enjoys talking your company up on their social media accounts, you should showcase it. These could be as simple as a short shoutout, but they are still an opportunity to show others that you have loyal customers and you appreciate them.

Plus, if somebody else already created the content, it means most of the hard work has been done for you. All you have to do is figure out the best, most creative way to share it.

It’s a simple thing, but your audience will enjoy engaging with these customer-created posts. It will boost your brand online and help build up a positive reputation.

Examples of User-Generated Posts

  1. Shout outs
  2. Testimonials about specific products
  3. Showing how a customer uses your products and services in their daily life
  4. Pictures of customers in your store

Revamped Older Posts

With how quickly social media moves, sometimes it feels like you can post one thing and then let it fade into the void of forgotten posts. While it may be appropriate to let some content dwindle, others can be revitalized and brought back for another round of engagements.

This is especially useful for meaningful dates for your business (company anniversaries, store location anniversaries, etc). It can also be great for when a certain topic or product becomes newsworthy once again. Even things like updating outdated statistics and research show your engagement and commitment to providing relevant information to your target audience. They will appreciate you all the more for it.

Examples of Revamped Posts

  1. Throwbacks to special events
  2. Updated information about a product or company-happening
  3. Updated information regarding an outdated statistic
  4. Resharing something that has recently become relevant again because of global or company events

Inspirational Posts

This throws back a bit to the thought-provoking posts, but it serves a different purpose. Instead of persuading someone to follow your social media or purchase your product, you are inspiring them in their own life. Outwardly, inspirational posts have very little to do with marketing because they do not blatantly promote any certain product or service. Instead, they are more of a personal message from your company to your followers to help them get through the day.

Customers appreciate it when businesses take a step back from the selling mentality to create a message that feels personalized to them. It helps create trust. Sharing a short inspiration every now and then will help give your brand an overall more positive appearance.

Examples of Inspirational Posts

  1. Motivational quotes
  2. Inspirational stories
  3. Times when you felt lost in your own career and grew through it
  4. Before and after photos that show growth in your field or within your company

Social Media Best Practices

While there are no hard and fast rules for how each business should utilize their social presence, there are a few things you can experiment with as you discover what works best for you. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use emojis whenever appropriate
  • Implement infographics
  • Only use high-res photos
  • Share a photo or video with everything you post
  • Implement interactive features on your posts, like polls
  • Shoutout other companies every now and then
  • Don’t be timid about sharing testimonials

Getting stuck and feeling a loss of creativity in your social media posts every now and then is completely normal. If you ever find yourself feeling that way more times than not, however, it might be time to revisit your strategy. Social media is all about engaging your target audience. If you yourself aren’t feeling engaged, this might be a sign that it’s time for a change-up. Just be sure that the needs of your target audience are always at the forefront of your concerns. They will be your guide as you continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media.