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Anyone who has listened to a talk radio show or popular podcast has probably heard someone call in to say, “Long-time listener, first-time caller.”

Wouldn’t it be great if every person who lurked on social media would become a “first-time caller” for a brand?

The lurkers offer so much potential. Warm leads. Ready-made audience. More data to analyze to narrow marketing campaigns for better ROI.

But that’s now quite how things work for social media marketers.

What are Social Media Lurkers?

A social media lurker remains active on their chosen platform. 

But instead of engaging with brands or others regularly, they just sit there and read their content feeds.

No comments. No likes. No messages.

Lurkers usually view texts, images, and videos without a second thought. They laugh, show their phone to their family, partner, friend, or coworker, and then move on.

And this happens regularly.

And that’s okay because a lurker’s going to lurk. No getting around it.

Why are Social Media Lurkers Good?

Because some of them will come around eventually.

Let’s use a theoretical example.

Metrics vary about how many people are social media lurkers, but most experts will say 90 to 99 percent of active social media users are lurkers.

Perhaps 200 people engage with Acme Brick’s Facebook page regularly, at least once a month.

Assuming that 200 people represent 5 percent of the actual people who know about Acme Brick, that leaves an astounding 3,800 more who at least read and digest Acme Brick’s Facebook page.

Why not focus on getting 5 percent of those 3,800 people to convert to followers, instead of the 95% that aren’t actively engaging?

That nearly *doubles* the subscriber count from 200 to 390.

Those extra 190 users on Facebook are more valuable than Acme may realize.

Facebook has the best metrics around for companies that have a business account, and each one of those 190 extra users you just obtained allows Facebook to fine-tune its metrics for your campaigns even further.

How to Engage With 5% of Lurkers

Be genuine. Lurkers shun fakery, and they can spot fakes. Show genuineness in your messaging. It’s a sound SEO strategy when you create engaging content.

Invite them in. Lurkers may not have seen a topic they’re passionate about yet. Use a survey, invite them to leave a comment, post something that’s unusual or extraordinary while still maintaining a brand voice. As a business leader or business coach, you’re great a drawing people in.

Give them something they want. Discounts, specials, fear of missing out. You’re a marketer. You know how this works.

Keep at it. Post regularly, at the same time, and in your same brand voice. Some of the lurkers will come around eventually.

Cast Your Net

Don’t forget to focus on the customers you have on hand. A customer base that stays with you gives you room to grow when you cast your net to capture some of the lurkers.

Vervology can help you with that net. Our team will give you insights as to what a smart campaign can do to increase your followers. 

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