where to find free stock videos for your website

In today’s fast-paced world, nothing grabs attention quite like a good video. It’s a powerhouse for websites, turning the ordinary into something memorable and engaging. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, adding that splash of video magic to a site can seem like a costly affair, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s a treasure trove of free stock videos out there, perfect for jazzing up your website without dipping into your savings.

This article will guide you through where to find free stock videos that can enhance your website. Whether you need an eye-catching background, something to spice up your landing pages, or just a bit of flair for your blog posts, we’ve got you covered. 

The Benefits of Using Stock Videos on Your Website

Incorporating stock videos into your website comes with a slew of advantages that can significantly elevate the user experience and the overall impression your site leaves on visitors. First off, stock videos are a magnet for user engagement. They capture attention immediately, making visitors more likely to stick around and explore what you have to offer. This signals to search engines that your content is valuable, potentially boosting your SEO rankings. Videos can break up text-heavy content, making your site more digestible and enjoyable for your audience.

Moreover, videos have the uncanny ability to convey complex ideas quickly and effectively. A well-placed stock video can help you communicate your brand’s message, showcase products, or explain services in a fraction of the time it takes to read through paragraphs of text. This clarity not only enhances user understanding but also aids in building a stronger connection with your audience.

Lastly, the aesthetic appeal of stock videos can’t be overstated. They add a layer of polish and professionalism to your website, enriching the user experience with visually stimulating content that aligns with your brand identity. Whether it’s setting the mood, illustrating a point, or just adding motion to your pages, stock videos can transform the look and feel of your site, making it more appealing and memorable to visitors.

Where to Find Free Stock Videos

In the quest to enhance your website with captivating video content, knowing where to find high-quality, free stock videos is key. Here’s a look at some of the top platforms where you can source free stock videos to elevate your website’s visual appeal and engagement.

Pexels Video

Pexels Video has a collection of high-quality, free stock videos that cater to a variety of themes and projects. Renowned for its ease of navigation, Pexels allows users to quickly find the perfect clip to complement their website content. Whether you’re looking for stunning landscapes or vibrant urban footage, Pexels Video’s library is regularly updated with new content, ensuring you have access to fresh and relevant videos. The platform’s straightforward licensing means that most videos can be used without attribution, making it a hassle-free option for website owners.


Pixabay stands out for its extensive collection of free stock videos, spanning countless categories and styles. With a user-friendly interface, finding the right video on Pixabay is a breeze. The platform offers high-quality footage that can be used without the need for attribution in most cases, simplifying the process of enhancing your website with professional-looking videos. From serene nature scenes to bustling marketplaces, Pixabay’s diverse range ensures you’ll find something that fits your site’s theme perfectly.


Videezy offers a wide array of free stock footage, distinguishing itself with a variety of niche and general clips, including breathtaking aerial views, lively city scenes, and serene natural landscapes. While browsing Videezy’s collection, it’s important to note the licensing specifics for each video, as some may require attribution. Nevertheless, Videezy’s expansive library and the quality of its content make it a valuable resource for anyone looking to add high-impact visuals to their website.


Coverr is a go-to destination for finding beautiful, free videos that are ideal for website backgrounds and multimedia projects. What sets Coverr apart is its curated collection of visually stunning clips that can transform the look and feel of your website. The platform is dedicated to providing videos that require no attribution, and its easy-to-navigate website ensures you can quickly find and download the perfect background video to make your website stand out.

Life of Vids

Finally, Life of Vids offers a selection of free, high-resolution videos with a creative edge. The platform imposes a generous limit on redistribution, allowing users to download and use its videos in various projects, including website enhancement, without the need for attribution. From captivating slow-motion clips to dynamic time-lapses, Life of Vids provides unique content that can elevate your website’s visual storytelling.

How to Choose the Right Stock Video for Your Site

Choosing the right stock video for your website is more than just an aesthetic decision—it’s about enhancing your message and engaging your audience effectively. Here are some insights on picking a stock video that aligns with your site’s goals:

  • Video Quality: High-resolution videos bring a polished look to your site, but remember to consider file size against site performance. Opt for HD or 4K that doesn’t slow down your loading times.
  • Relevance to Content: Ensure the video you select complements the theme and message of your page. It should enhance your narrative, not distract from it. The content of the video should align with your brand’s message or the specific story you’re telling on the page.
  • Licensing Terms: Understand the licensing agreement of any stock video you plan to use. Ensure it allows for commercial use if that’s your intent, and be clear on attribution requirements or any restrictions.
  • Brand Consistency: The style, tone, and color scheme of the video should match your brand’s aesthetic. Consistency helps reinforce your brand identity and enhances the overall user experience.
  • Emotional Impact: Consider the emotional tone of the video and how it aligns with the feeling you want to evoke in your audience. The right video can set the mood for your entire site or a specific page.
  • Audience Engagement: Think about how the video will resonate with your target audience. Will it grab their attention, convey your message effectively, and encourage them to explore more of your content?

By keeping these factors in mind, you can select a stock video that not only looks great but also supports your site’s objectives, enhances user engagement, and contributes positively to your online presence. The goal is to use video content strategically, ensuring it adds value and depth to the user’s experience on your site.

Transforming Your Website with Free Stock Videos

Free stock videos are a gateway to elevating your website’s appeal and engagement without straining your budget. They offer a unique opportunity to infuse life into your digital presence, transforming static pages into engaging experiences. As you explore the vast libraries of free content, consider how each video can serve your narrative, enhancing your message and captivating your audience.

Embracing these visual resources is not just about beautification; it’s about strategically enriching your site to offer more value and depth to your visitors. Let the power of video propel your website to new heights, making it a destination not just for information, but for inspiration and engagement. The journey to a more dynamic and compelling website starts with a simple video embed, but the impact can redefine your online presence.