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Vervology cares deeply about small business security. It’s an important factor in a business’ online presence. All CEOs and managers should have peace of mind when it comes to online security.

Vervology provides education and management services for small businesses to make sure there isn’t any lost data or breaches in your online security that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and lost revenue.

We’ll go over the basics of online security, security patches, and how they can be used to improve your cyber security and online resilience. After all, having a digital presence is imperative in this day and age, and you’re only as strong as your weakest point. That’s why cyber security is important to continually update and maintain.

Don’t worry, we know you have other important tasks to focus on beyond asking the question “what is a security patch?” That’s why at Vervology, we sell time! That’s time for you to run your business more effectively and leave the website maintenance to us.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the continual practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from malicious digital attacks. These attacks can be anything from accessing, hacking, changing, or destroying sensitive data in your system. This could mean extorting money from your company, breaching sensitive client data, and interrupting normal business processes.

A cyber attack can cost companies millions of dollars in damage. Many business owners underestimate the importance of cyber security and maintenance until it’s too late. Hackers are continually finding new ways to access these systems, which is why it’s important to keep scheduled updates and 24/7 website monitoring to catch these threats early.

There are many types of different security threats and at Vervology, we are well-versed in all of them and know exactly how to protect your systems from costly data breaches and lost revenue from website downtime. This is why we recommend security patches to find and address possible vulnerabilities

What is a Security Patch?

A security patch is software that helps correct errors in online database code. These patches are issued by software companies to identify vulnerabilities in the code and product. They can be discovered by security researchers and found in other cyber attacks of the same type.

Sometimes attacks reveal vulnerabilities in the software that the developer wasn’t previously aware of. Applying these security patches can help monitor the latest threats due to lack of updates as well as enhance your cyber security.

Why is this Important to my Small Business?

If you don’t implement a security patch within a timely manner, a cyber attack is imminent. This could destroy hours of work spent on content creation, data, and website design. If you work in a field that requires an online database of sensitive patient or client information, this could mean huge financial and legal repercussions. Data breaches are expensive and greatly hurt brand trust and reputation.

How many times have you received an email about a data breach for a company you gave information to and promptly decided to never do business or access their website again? Brand trust is incredibly important to consumers in 2021, and they will take their business elsewhere if they feel you are not protecting their sensitive data.

Cyber security is a major threat to the e-commerce environment, and any company that tracks customer data is at risk of losing everything without the appropriate security patches installed.

What is a Patch Management Process?

Here at Vervology, we handle your security patch management and maintenance for you! You might be asking yourself, “what does security patch management entail exactly?”

There are several processes we take care of that ensure the correct security patch for the right kind of data so that your company is always protected.

Here are the steps of the security patch management process:

  • Evaluation: determining whether or not a patch will work for your particular database and software
  • Testing: making sure the patch doesn’t cause any problems with plugins or software
  • Approval: implementing a specific patch once tests have passed
  • Deployment: applying the security patch to live systems
  • Verification and Updates: we continually update and re-test security patches to ensure they are operating at full capacity at all times

Benefits of Security Patch Maintenance

Implementing security patches and keeping them up-to-date is crucial to protect your website against cyber security attacks.

Cyber security is becoming an increasingly bigger threat, especially for companies that have sensitive customer information on their database.

Security patch management gives you peace of mind that your database is secured, and Vervology will continually monitor your website for potential security threats. These security patches deal with your internal software and make sure there are no “holes” for hackers to exploit to access your sensitive information.

When you have security patches installed and regularly maintained, you will reduce your exposure to cyber attacks, which helps increase brand trust and gives your clients peace of mind. You will also be able to protect your data and your customers’ information, which is crucial to maintaining relationships with your clients. If you work in a field in which patient information is stored online, cyber security is crucial to avoid long-term legal and financial issues.

Also, it will protect other computers in your network from malware. If you do not deploy security patches for your website and your network becomes infected with a virus, it’s very possible to spread the malware and other malicious entities to other computers and networks as well. This could mean all of your partners and collaborators may choose to work with a company that takes their cyber security more seriously.

Don’t lose customers and business due to cyber attacks! Save time and take care of your business with Vervology security maintenance services. We take all of the leg-work out of keeping your web design and digital strategy up-to-date and free of potential cyber threats.

Keep your online presence in tip-top shape with Vervology, a team of experts ready to keep cyber attacks at bay. These days, cyber security is crucial to maintaining a small business website without any major financial losses and/or reduced client satisfaction. Want to know more? Find out more information on how Vervology can save you time and money with small business digital solutions.