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Social media is an incredible tool, particularly for small businesses trying to make connections and learn more about their audiences. It allows for authentic engagements, as well as a platform to showcase products, services, and your incredible employees.

However, social media platforms can also be extremely competitive. It can feel like a battle sometimes, trying to stand out from the crowd and get eyes on your content. Getting and maintaining an audience’s attention can feel like a daily fight, which is why it’s important to check in with the experts to see what they recommend for staying current with trends.

That’s why today’s article is all about social media influencers on LinkedIn. We’ll list a few of the people who stand out in terms of content, but also their knowledge of social media and marketing. The world of social media management can often feel overwhelming and lonely, but there are so many people who are dedicated to helping you outshine the competition.

What is a Social Media Influencer?

The term “social media influencer” may be a bit of a buzzword in some circles. There are some negative connotations associated with the idea of being a “social media influencer.” The truth is, many of them can be extremely helpful in promoting brands, as well as sharing important advice and information to their large audience.

Influencer Marketing Hub defines social media influencers as “people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. They make regular posts about that topic on their preferred social media channels and generate large followings of enthusiastic, engaged people who pay close attention to their views.”

1. Ryan Holmes


Hootsuite is one of the leading social media management platforms available, making Ryan Holmes an excellent resource to those hoping to learn more about social media management and using social media as a networking tool.

In his posts, Holmes often shares articles, asks opinions from others about certain aspects of social media (like where they see it going in the future), and promotes original content. So, if you’re looking for an expert who knows the field and is adept at fostering thoughtful conversations, he is an excellent resource to keep an eye on.

2. Jonathan Palmar

Shay Rowbottom Marketing

If you’re hoping to learn more about the mechanics of LinkedIn, how to craft the best post to fit the algorithm, and more general best practices within the platform, Jonathan Palmar’s LinkedIn is a great place to start.

As an expert in marketing, video, and brand-building, he has easy-to-follow tips that can help you better understand why the content that performs well on LinkedIn does so. These tips are especially useful for people who are managing an individual page, as opposed to just a business page.

His posts are typically well-edited videos with a paragraph of information included for background. The videos are filled with graphics that help demonstrate the point Palmar is trying to make, while also supporting his brand through visually-appealing elements.

The videos are short and comprehensive, meaning they’re well-suited for newcomers to the platform, as well as those who have used it for years and are trying to learn more.

3. Mari Smith

Mari Smith International, Inc.

Mari Smith has been dubbed as “the Queen of Facebook” for her awesome insights. She is a speaker and trainer who helps individuals with their content strategy across social media channels (although her niche is, of course, Facebook).

She often uses the platform to share posts, pose questions to her audience, as well as share original content. The content she shares includes a mix of articles and videos, plus interviews with other influencers. Therefore, this wealth of knowledge also does an excellent job connecting her audience members with other knowledgeable people.

4. Rand Fishkin


Rand Fishkin has a strong following on social media already, and there’s a big reason for this: he makes learning about things like social media and SEO accessible for people who don’t have a lot of formal knowledge within those subject areas.

As the founder of Moz and Sparktoro (which is his current business), he’s witnessed a lot of the changes that have happened within the world of SEO, and has taken that knowledge and made it actionable for brands of all sizes.

Much of Fishkin’s content is related to how to better use Sparktoro as an SEO tool. He also shares other people’s content and creates short posts about research that he’s done, often relating to SEO.

His information is invaluable because so often, people create content like they’re throwing darts with a blindfold on. They’ll make something that they hope resonates with their audience, throw it everywhere they can think of, and see what sticks. Fiskin’s posts help provide the context for how to create content that will resonate and bring in a higher return on investment in the long run.

5. Marsha Collier

The Collier Company

Marsha Collier certainly has a voice that resonates with others, having written over 40 “For Dummies” books about social media, content, and writing for eBay. Her focus is in building an online community and creating content that connects with audiences, primarily written and video. She is also a big name in the podcasting world.

Her posts are often self-promotional, sharing events that she’ll be speaking at, something she’s written, or a past interview that she’s done. All of her information is useful for anyone trying to learn more about the social media space (in particular, Facebook and Twitter) and get a sense for how they can better build a community among their audience members.

In Summary

There are plenty of voices out there about what you should and shouldn’t be doing on social media, but how do you know which ones to listen to? The people on this list are a great place to start educating yourself and learning more about the often tumultuous world of social media and social media influencers.

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