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With the COVID-19 pandemic, plus the onset of winter, people are spending more time now more than ever shopping and accessing businesses online. This means that your website, social media channels and other digital solutions are more important. It’s essential that they are well-established, easy to find, and simple to navigate.

The term digital transformation refers to how a business adopts technological features to help run their company. It looks different for each individual case, but there are a few ways that small businesses can and have been beginning this transformation. It may seem daunting at first, but a solid digital presence will help your business immensely in the long run.

That’s why today’s post will take a look at a few digital solutions your small business can implement on your way to digital transformation. Because whether you take large leaps or small steps to increase your online presence, trying something will be extremely beneficial.

Website and Social Media Digital Solutions

For many small businesses, these are their first steps into the digital world. It is crucial for any company to have a website and social media channels. They both serve different purposes and the way you use them will reflect this.

For example, your social media is great for getting to know your target audience and interacting with them. You can see from their perspective and give them a better look into who you are as a business. It also gives them the opportunity to ask you questions and receive quick answers. It makes you discoverable and accessible all at once. All-in-all, your social media is just that: social.

Your website, on the other hand, gives customers in-depth information about your services and may also give them the opportunity to buy from you online. It gives you huge amounts of credibility and shows your target audience your professionalism.

The two provide different experiences for your audience but come together to help you in the long run. A business today shouldn’t try to operate without a website and social media. Without them, you are missing out on opportunities to reach new clients.

Start a Blog as a Digital Solution

Blogging is an essential part of a content marketer’s toolbox. It may seem like a trend for the past, but using a blog brings in 55% more website visitors for businesses compared to those who don’t. Plus, it’s one of the most common content marketing strategies that businesses use, right behind video marketing and eBooks.

Blogs are easy to set up and fairly simple to maintain. There are very few production costs, making it a low-budget way to keep your customers engaged. The key is to be able to continuously come up with fresh content, as well as actually finding time to write.

Creating a content calendar is a great way to stay organized, as well as allow you to make a game plan for when blog posts should be published. A blog does need to be maintained on a fairly regular basis, or else audience members might stop paying attention. You’ll find out the method that works best for you through practice.

When you do publish your posts, though, be sure to advertise it on social media. This will help get you more clicks, as well as gain more interest in your channel. It’s a win-win either way!

Use Online Surveys for Customer Digital Solutions

If you want to hear customer opinions and feedback, but feel disconnected because they aren’t physically entering the store, create a survey or social media poll to hear from them.

A survey can be set up on your website so that whenever people visit, they are prompted to fill it out. You can also put a survey in your email newsletter. Many brands today are also turning to social media as a way of getting customer opinions. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram Stories all have features that allow audiences to vote on their preferences.

The key here is to make sure you aren’t taking up too much of anyone’s time. If a customer clicks on a survey to see that there are 30 questions, they probably won’t take the time to fill the whole thing out. Keep things short: definitely under 10 questions.

This will help you learn more about what customers are looking for and give you a better idea of how to meet their needs. Plus, you will get a boost in brand loyalty because you are taking the time to show your audience that you value their opinions.

In Summary

Digital transformation begins when you decide that an online presence is important to your business, but also your customers. In the COVID-19 era, people are finding it harder to connect with anyone outside of their immediate families. Giving them the option to talk to you and buy online will show them that you care for their well-being. It also gives your professional image a large boost.

At Vervology, we specialize in helping small businesses take that first step. We want the opportunity to partner with you as you navigate this landscape. Whether it be setting up a new website, revamping an old one, optimizing for e-commerce, or maintaining a social media presence, we can handle the technical end while you focus on running your business. Get in touch to schedule a free consultation or ask any questions. We’d be happy to help out.