scrabble tiles saying "happy new year"

Welcome to 2021! As the business year begins ramping up again and we take time to reflect on 2020, it’s customary to think about some resolutions, what we hope to achieve and improve upon in the new year. We set goals that we try to reach by December and benchmarks of success to guide us as we go through the year. This is why, in today’s post, the Vervology team is setting its New Year’s resolutions.

We have high hopes for 2021 and beyond. We want to get to the end of next year and know that we have grown with our clients and become the best digital partner we can be.

Resolution : Better Reach Our Local Audience

This last year was harsh for everyone, particularly small businesses and those operating at the local level. Many companies had to lay off workers, consolidate their offerings, or even close due to the effects of COVID-19.

As small businesses look to the future of 2021 and beyond, they are noticing a strong trend toward digital. This might include a stronger social media presence, an updated website to include e-commerce and online shopping functions, or the increased use of online advertisements.

However local companies decide to proceed with their online presence, Vervology wants to continue to spread the message that we are here to help. Whether your business has little prior experience in the area or a lot, we are here to manage every facet of your website and social media platforms. We want business owners to know that specific, individualized care is of our utmost concern. Vervology strives to meet clients where they are at to form a unique partnership and ultimately drive business success.

Resolution : Create Further Educational Opportunities

We know that the world of technology is fast-paced and often hard to keep up with. There are too many companies trying to sell businesses one-time, turn-key solutions that ultimately don’t solve their problems. They don’t provide quality support, and customers are left to wonder what exactly is going on behind the scenes.

Vervology was built to put an end to such business practices. This is why we are partnership-focused, always looking to create long-term solutions. We are hoping to use our website, blogs like this, and our social media channels to answer questions for those who may not work specifically within our industry. We want people to know what goes into creating a website, how we implement social media strategies, and what happens when you sign a contract with us.

Our hope is that these resources will be accessible to those who decide to partner with us as well as those that have just dropped in to check us out. Everyone deserves transparency and authenticity in the midst of a complicated time. At Vervology, that’s what we strive to provide each day.

Resolution : Foster Even More Empowering Conversations

Our team loves speaking with passionate small business owners. We enjoy having brainstorming sessions and solving problems together. Over the last year, we have met with so many companies and had incredible conversations. Our goal is to do this even more.

We want to empower small businesses, even in the midst of a crisis. We want to show them that together, we can weather the storm through cutting-edge strategies and digital solutions that make a difference. We want to be able to show the world how amazing your business is. All it takes to get started is a conversation.

As your business takes its first steps toward digital transformation, we want to be there to guide and encourage you through the process. By having these empowering conversations, we get to know your business and its exact needs. Then, we get to work, allowing you to get back to business.

It’s certainly no secret that digital is becoming the preferred method of transaction going into 2021. That’s why Vervology is here to help. As always, our commitment to supporting as many small businesses as possible is unwavering. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen our messaging and continually improve to meet our clients where they are at.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Let us know on our social media channels!