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Building a website that captures your business culture, promotes brand awareness, builds trust, and guides the customer before and during the sales conversation, showing them the transformation you offer, is what a wow website is.

wow websites

So, what is a wow website?

It is a website that captures your business culture, promotes brand awareness, builds trust, and guides the customer before and during the sales conversation, showing them the transformation you offer.

Combining the Vervology team’s diverse skill sets and expertise through collaboration and optimization of digital platforms, Vervology is able to implement the components to build, create, design, and maintain all aspects of a wow website.

The Human Experience

The first major component of building and designing a wow website that Vervology employs is to understand the human experience – which captures how users will interact and engage with the website. 


Websites have 0.05 seconds to capture the attention of users before they click away, so the site must be designed in a way that makes the user want to stay.


The best way to ensure potential customers know what you want from them is to tell them what you want from them – and a single identifiable Call-To-Action (CTA) does just that.

great design

A website helps users navigate all things brand-related, so it should express the brand’s story in a visually compelling way that guides users through the journey.

navigation – information architecture

Websites should not only be easy to navigate, but the structure, organization, and flow of information throughout should be presented in a way that appeals to the intended audience.


Every piece of content should be intentional and crafted in a way that comprehensively tells the brand’s story and creates a connection between the user and the brand – content tells a story.


Taking the user on a navigational journey through the website, clearly defining the transformation the user can expect to experience after purchase.


Users need to trust a brand before purchasing, incorporating trust elements such as skill badges, awards, client testimonials, and/or quotes enables that initial trust to build faster.


Users want to know that a brand can do what they say it can do, so this should be demonstrated using results, data, and case studies.

newsletter sign-up

A newsletter/subscription sign-up form is a critical component for all websites, as it records and collects key contact information increasing brand trust and creating a direct line for communication. 

The Technical

The second major component Vervology employs is the technical side of the wow website, which captures the core elements that increase the website’s visibility, domain authority, and overall user experience.


Users need to be able to quickly find all key information relating to the business, specifically ensuring the NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) is accessible.

privacy policy

Privacy policies are oftentimes undervalued and overlooked by website owners; they ensure users are aware of how their information will be used, which builds trust and in some jurisdictions, it is a legal requirement to have clearly defined policies.


Website optimization for both mobile and desktop screen sizes and devices is a necessity to have a functional and easily usable website that users will enjoy spending time on.

the details

The final major component Vervology employs is the details, which transforms the previous components of a wow website into a brand-focused website designed to build trust, awareness, and maximize engagement.


A brand’s culture should be reflected throughout its website in a way that the user can easily identify and connect with.

brand image

The website should act as a brand guide, taking the user through the brand’s evolution by leveraging content that supports the brand’s mission, vision, and core values.


Users need to be able to identify and feel a website’s verv or spark, which stems from the passion, enthusiasm, and uniqueness of the brand’s mission, vision, values, and offerings, expressed in a compelling creative expression.

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A website needs constant care and support, updates, and maintenance to remain performative, relevant, and secure, which is why Vervology.Care exists – to do all that and more: we build platforms for success.

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