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Barb Stone: Gaining Brand Visibility

Client Overview

After more than 20 years in senior leadership roles in manufacturing, Barb Stone stepped away from the corporate world and founded Build Your Path LLC in 2018. Driven by her passion for helping others, Barb combines her MBA background with extensive training in areas like Positive Psychology, the Science of Happiness, SPIRE, and Leadership Development. This diverse expertise enables her to offer customized coaching, mentoring, and consulting tailored to the individual needs of her clients. At the heart of everything she does is her commitment to making a difference in the world and helping individuals achieve their dreams. 

The Challenge of Finding a Reliable Partner

The idea of creating a website on her own was extremely overwhelming for Barb. Although she had established a modest online presence through LinkedIn and Facebook Live sessions, she knew she needed to expand her digital footprint to establish her brand. Her initial attempt to build a website was met with disappointment; the individual she hired failed to deliver, leaving her with an incomplete website and a trail of communication issues. This experience was frustrating and highlighted the need for a partner she could rely on.

Partnering With Vervology

The turning point for Barb came when she met Jono, the founder of Vervology. From their first interaction, she felt a breath of fresh air. Jono brought a wealth of resources and experience to the table and seemed genuinely interested in understanding her vision for Build Your Path LLC. With Vervology, Barb felt a sense of relief and confidence that her digital presence was finally in capable hands.

As their conversations progressed, Barb recognized in Jono and Vervology a true partnership potential. They offered not just technical solutions but a collaborative approach that was attuned to her needs. Jono’s ability to listen, advise, and act on her ideas was exactly what she needed. The trust built in these early interactions laid the foundation for a strong, ongoing partnership, marking the beginning of Barb’s successful digital transformation journey with Vervology.

A Collaborative Development Process

Working with Vervology on her website turned out to be a seamless and structured experience for Barb. Vervology had a clear process in place, guiding each step of the development. Trusting in Jono’s expertise, Barb allowed him to lead the design aspect, appreciating his willingness to share honest opinions and strategic advice. This included insights on her logo, branding, and even the naming of her business, all crucial elements that would define her digital identity.

Vervology’s role went beyond just building a powerful website. Their team became a strategic partner in helping Barb establish her authority in the coaching industry. Most notably, Vervology took charge of crafting content that resonated with her audience, demonstrating a deep understanding of her niche. They were instrumental in creating consistent, well-researched blog posts and effectively distributing this content across Barb’s social media platforms. This comprehensive approach gave life to her website and ensured that Barb’s voice reached her target audience effectively.

Lasting Impact and Ongoing Support 

Barb’s collaboration with Vervology has significantly increased her industry visibility and credibility, a change she largely contributes to their expert content creation. She’s particularly impressed by how the content team is able to capture her authentic voice and thought process, transforming them into professional, well-crafted blog and social media posts. This content consistently drives traffic and engages her audience.

Barb values the collective expertise of the Vervology team, with each member playing a pivotal role in her brand’s development. She especially appreciates the ongoing dialogue with the team, which helps her gain clarity and direction in her business strategy.

Reflecting on her journey with Vervology, Barb emphasizes the importance of having a supportive partner – a team that works diligently behind the scenes, allowing her to focus on running her business. This, she believes, is the essence of her relationship with Vervology: a partnership that provides unwavering support, expert guidance, and a shared commitment to her success.