vervology: helping small businesses

Vervology’s Focus: Helping Small Businesses in Central New York

Helping small businesses in Central New York to maximize their web presence.

Vervology’s Services

Digital Strategy

\  the plan  \  blueprint

defines the why, what, where, and when of your online presence; a plan or roadmap; to enhance a business’s online presence; creative problem-solving through strategic planning.

Digital Strategy: embrace the future of your online presence. 

Communication Strategy

\  the voice \  tone

a resource-saving tool; a set of guidelines for internal teams; a starting point for clear uniform messaging; how to speak to your audience; reinforcing your brand with effective messaging.

Communication Strategy: give context and meaning to your message. 

Platform Management

\  the foundation  \  maintenance

maintenance; updates; security; performance; maintaining the foundation for your online presence; delivering performance to meet your user’s expectations. 

Platform Management: take care of the backend while you focus on your business.

Social Media Management

\  the engagement  \  

dedicated resource; stewardship of your brand; user engagement; managing your reputation online; creating content that captures an audience’s imagination and drives the interaction. 

Social Media Management: create lasting impressions in milliseconds.

Creative Services

\  the visual  \

creativity expressed; impactful design; animation; imagery; code and functionality; focusing on the user experience and the positive outcomes to meet your online goals.

Creative Services: presentation through a human-centric lens with visual expression.